Natero Bcc Emails

The Natero email Bcc feature allows you to capture your customer emails directly in Natero. Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or another email client, Natero's Bcc feature helps organize your customer interactions and keeps your Customer Success team in sync.

How It Works?

If you’d like to use this feature, please obtain your org-specific Bcc email at the IT Admin page - Source Overview. You can then add this Bcc email to any customer emails you’d like to sync over as account interactions. Natero will map the emails to an account based on the recipient's (both "to" and "cc") emails being available under that account in your Natero instance. 

Note that we currently do not support manually forwarded messages to this Bcc email address, it must be "bcc'ed", "cc'ed", or in the "to".

In Natero, you’ll be able to view and filter Bcc emails under the Account Details - Communications page - Email section or at the main Communications page under the Dashboards.

Bcc'ed emails will normally show up under your associated account in Natero within 10-15 mins. 

Filter Out Internal Emails

If you'd like to filter out emails sent among your internal org so that emails sent between colleagues and other external parties won't be visible under your own org in Natero instance, let us know the specific domain that we should use to filter those emails. 


You might want to set up the auto-Bcc feature with the email client you use to automatically attach this email address to all of your customer emails instead of having to add it manually each time.

At the moment, the Bcc email only captures the emails sent out to your customers, and each email will be recorded as a separate interaction in Natero. If you'd like to also capture the replies from the customers, you can set up the auto-forwarding feature (to your org-specific Bcc email) with your email client which will auto-sync emails from your customers into Natero. 

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