Using Dimensions, Metrics and Events in Alerts

Natero captures a wealth of data about your accounts which can be categorized into three general types:

  • Account dimensions
  • Account metrics
  • Account dates

Dimensions are attributes that do not have time element associated with them. Metrics are time series data we track over time on an hourly/daily/monthly basis. Dates are key events associated with an account (e.g. account join date, churn date, first invoice payment dates etc.)

If you need to use dimension to filter accounts, you need to find them under the Attributes section. Where you'd pick the dimension and filter the dimension value using the available operators. e.g. Stage "is" xxx, Health score "is greater than" 60, etc. 


If you need to construct condition based on a metric for tracking trends or aggregated value over a certain time period, you need to specify:

  • How you want to aggregate that metric and then,
  • Over what time frame you want to aggregate the metric

In the example below, the condition is based on total feature usage of "Chart Load" being greater than or equal to 5 (counts) over the last 7 days. 


If you need to check for a date, you also need to define the time frame over which you want to check for that date e.g. Check account renewal in the next xxx days, etc. 


Therefore, when building conditions using metrics and dates, you need to find them under the Metrics over time and event occurrences section.

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