Account Details - Overview

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The Overview page shows basic information about this account including account activity, contacts and custom dimensions.  

Terms Description
Last Seen The last date when any user of this account logged into the product.
Last Interaction The last date when you recorded an interaction with this account.
Join Date The date when the account first signed up for the product.
Renewal Date The closest upcoming renewal date for this account.
Details Account details including account id, address, phone, industry etc. 
Sales Rep The person who made the sale to this account.
Customer Success Manager The person this account is assigned to.

Note that both sales rep and customer success manager are on the user's side not on the account's side. 

Account Status

You can use the Status field to capture latest updates about your account's status.

You can also add the Status field to custom views for your accounts, and edit the Status details directly from the custom view.

Custom Dimensions

This section shows a list of custom dimensions available for this account and their current value. You can now update an existing custom account dimension or add new custom account dimensions directly from here.

Activity Comparison

This chart shows the average time this account spends in using the product each day over the last 30 days (x value) and how it compares to other accounts in percentiles (y value). For example, an x value of 4.9 hours and a y value of 80% indicates that this account spends on an average of 4.9 hours in using the product each day over the last 30 days, and this places this account among the top 20% of all the accounts. 


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