The Natero platform comes with 6 standard dashboards and the ability to build your own custom dashboards.

The Alerts Dashboard contains all the alerts and alert tasks that have been created for your accounts. 

The Activity Dashboard provides high-level activity data for all the users and accounts. It gives you a quick understanding of how many users are actively using your product (among all the registered users) and how much they are engaging with the product. It also shows the distribution of your users and accounts in terms of how much time they spend on using your product on a daily or monthly basis.

The Communications Dashboard provides a centralized place for you to view, filter and search any customer communications including emails, interactions, support tickets, and notes. 

The Financial Dashboard provides a central location for management to monitor critical SaaS financial metrics, including churn rates, new accounts, up-sell trends and much more.

The Modules & Features Dashboard provides fine-grain feature and module usage data for product management and engineering to facilitate understanding of product value, up-take, ease-of-use, stickiness and etc. 

The Support Dashboard allows you to quickly filter a list of open and closed support tickets from any segment of your accounts.

The Workflows Dashboard provides a quick status overview of all the accounts that are currently tracking through a workflow or have completed a workflow. 

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