Alerts Overview

The primary goal of a CSM solution is to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the Customer Success team by alerting them to customers who need attention (as well as informing them why, and suggesting what to do about it). 

In Natero, there are two methods used to trigger those alerts - 1) Rule-based systems and 2) Predictive analytics.

Rule-based System

The rule-based system is a simple way to get started that relies on your intuition as to what patterns or behavior to track for your customers. For example, you may create a rule that says, “If a customer hasn’t logged in during the past 30 days, send a Churn alert”.

Rule-based alerts can be easily configured and changed. Specify customer attributes and behavior that you want to track, and we'll let you know when a customer matches those criteria.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics leverages Natero's state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm that recognizes hidden signals within vast amounts of behavioral data and other data to proactively alert you to customers at-risk, as well as those that represent sales opportunities.

The predictive models are continuously updated as data comes in, automatically improving in accuracy and adjusting for changes in customer behavior - with no effort required from you.


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