Account Settings


Accounts are the customers of your organization. In the "Account Settings" page, you can configure and update account specific information, including:

  1. Define custom account dimensions and metrics;
  2. Define and update account tiers;
  3. Define and update account lifecycle stages;
  4. Edit account details, including tiers, stage history, CSM scores and NPS score;
  5. Mark an account as "Churned" or delete and account.
  6. Bulk updating account attributes.
  7. Manage and re-sync deleted accounts.

The overview page shows a list of active accounts of your organization with the below attributes:

Name Name of this account
Customer Tier The classification of this account within your organization which represents the size (value) of the account and the amount of time and attention this account requires from the CSMs.
Current Lifecycle Stage The current stage of this account along its life journey defined by your organization.
CSM Score

Indicates the CSM’s subjective evaluation of how well an account is doing. This score will be used for calculating the health score for an account.

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