Engagement Alerts

For every CSM, it is important to define customer lifecycle and track individual milestones so that you can tell if a customer is on the right path to success or heading off the course.

Engagement alerts allow you to proactively nurture your customers by tracking a customer’s journey against a set of specific achievements and timeframes based on rules set for individual customer segments. 

For example, alerts for missing login milestones could have different criteria depending on the customer segment or profile, such as:

  • A Tier 1 on-boarding customer hasn’t logged in at least 5 times during their first week.
  • A Tier 3 on-boarding customer hasn’t logged in during first 2 weeks.

Alerts for product usage milestones can be set for customers at different lifecycle stages, such as:

  • A trial customer hasn’t used a key feature of the product during their first week after trial signup.
  • An established customer hasn't used the product for an average of more than 50 mins per day over the last 30 days.

Each engagement rule can be assigned with a specific playbook to guide the CSM on the actions he/she should take once a customer has met that engagement rule criteria. 

Engagement alerts can also be used to engage customers in ways other than tracking against milestones. Getting an alert when someone clicks on the “help” button too often, or when a trial is ending soon are other ways that rule-based alerts can inform CSM teams as to who needs their help.

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