Calculation of Account Health Score

The health score of an account is determined by the specific health score configuration that's applied to the account and the specific health components and metrics defined in that health score configuration.

When calculating the health score for an account, each selected metric will be scored individually on a scale of 0 - 100 according to the health criteria defined in the configuration.

All metrics under a health component will be weighted equally when calculating the final score for that health component.

The overall health score for that account will be calculated as the weighted sum of all the component health scores.

Example Calculation

Below is a health score configuration with four components: 1) Support, 2) Account Engagement, 3) Product Usage, and 3) Account Pulse.

Each component is assigned a weight shown in red. To keep things simple, the total weight of all components equals 10 (2 + 3 + 3 + 2).

The score for each underlying metric is shown in green.

  1. Support (2)
    • Open tickets (80)
  2. Account Engagement (3)
    • Daily active out of the last 30 days (76)
    • Monthly active users by percent of total registered users (65)
  3. Product Usage (3)
    • Module usage
    • Accounts (81)
    • Dashboard (65)
    • Feature usage
      • Send email report (90)
  4. Account Pulse (2)
    • CSM Score (54)

Here is the calculation of the component scores:

Account Engagement = 76*50%+65*50% = 71
Product Usage = (81/3)+(65/3)+(90/3) = 79

The percentage that each component contributes to the overall health score is defined as the weight of the component divided by the total weight of all the components (shown in blue).

Calculation of the final health score:

80*(2/10)+71*(3/10)+79*(3/10)+54*(2/10) = 72
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