Calculation of Account Health Score

Health score of an account is determined based on the selected components and metrics for that account, as well as the weight assigned to each component. Components and metrics used to compute the health score and their associated weight are configured at the health score configuration page.

Health score of an account is updated using the latest data of that account to reflect the most up-to-date health of the account.  

When calculating the health score for an account, each selected metric will be scored individually on a scale of 0 - 100 based on the health criteria defined in the configuration.

All selected metrics under a health component will be weighted equally for calculating the total score for that component. 

The final health score for that account will be calculated as the weighted sum of the scores of all the selected measuring components.

Example Calculation

Below gives an example to demonstrate how health score is calculated.

Four measuring components are defined and assigned a weight to each as shown in red. The score for each selected metric is shown in green. 

  1. Predictive Churn Scoring (7) (83)
  2. Account Engagement (5)
    • Daily active out of the last 30 days (76)
    • Monthly active users by percent of total registered users (65)
  3. Product Usage (8)
    • Module usage
      • Accounts (81)
      • Dashboard (65)
    • Feature usage
      • Send email report (90)
  4. CSM Score (3) (54) 

Calculating the individual health score for each component (rounded to the nearest integer):

Account Engagement = 76*50%+65*50% = 71

Product Usage = 81*33%+65*33%+90*33% = 78

% contribution of each component is defined as the weight of the component divided by the total weight of all the components (as shown in blue).

Calculating the final health score (rounded to the nearest integer):

83*(7/23)+71*(5/23)+78*(8/23)+54*(3/23) = 75


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