Financial Systems

Third-party billing/financial systems require the following credentials to integrate with Natero. If you do not use one of these applications, please refer to our Account API documentation for instructions on how to send your billing/financial data to Natero.

Application Credentials Needed
  • API Key

Generate your API key from the “API Access” tab of your seller dashboard.

  • “Secret” API Key for access please read account subscription, plan and payment information
QuickBooks We recommend the use of OAuth to authorize Natero for access to your QuickBooks application. 

OAuth is a protocol that allows Natero to access resources of your QuickBook website without having to expose your user credentials. 

For step-by-step guide on how to setup QuickBooks OAuth for Natero, please click here

  • User id or company id
  • Password
  • Sender ID
  • Sender password

The latter two can only be obtained from Intacct tech support.

If you would like to create a account for us, you would typically need a point of contact and associated email. Please create an account for,

Contact: Natero Integrations


  • Production Merchant ID
  • Public Key
  • Private Key

View detailed instructions here.

  • Api_key
  • Domain_prefix

Please note that both the "Read Transactional Data" and "Read Product Configuration" options need to be enabled for the API key.

  • apiAccessKeyId
  • apiSecretAccessKey

View more details here.

  1. Login to the Xero Developer portal which is located at
  2. Go to My Applications
  3. Click "Add Application"
  4. On the Setup An Application page:
    • Select "Private"
    • Add an application name (e.g. Natero)
    • Select the organization from the drop down
    • Paste the contents of the Certificate (everything between the ----- BEGIN CERTIFICATE ----- and ----- END CERTIFICATE ----- lines including those lines). Download the certificate details at the end of this page.
    • Check both boxes (Enable Payroll API and Agree to the terms)
    • Click "Save"
  5. Some OAuth Credentials popup on the right of the screen.
    • Click "Show" for both boxes
    • Copy both the 'Consumer Key' and the 'Consumer Secret' and send them to us

Freshbooks Classic


Please contact us if you have any problem with obtaining your credentials. 

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