Key Features & Overview

Welcome to the Natero Customer Success Solution. In this article, we'll give you a quick tour of Natero's key features and capabilities. 

  1. Proactive Customer Success
  2. View All of Your Customer Data
  3. Drive User Engagement
  4. Uncover Actionable Insights
  5. Optimize Customer Onboarding
  6. Targeted Customer Communications
  7. Elevate Your Success Team
  8. Monitor Critical Business KPIs
  9. Natero Knowledge Base 


Stop reacting to unexpected problems and start proactively engaging customers.

Take the guesswork out of SaaS Customer Success – Natero transforms your customer engagement model from randomly reactive to predictably proactive. Natero is the only customer success solution to combine machine learning technology to predict customer behavior with a powerful rule-based alerting system that monitors any customer segment for any action you specify. This data-driven approach enables you to manage more accounts while achieving a higher level of success.

  • Proactive alerts about customers who are likely to churn or buy more.
  • Machine learning evaluates thousands of factors to accurately predict behavior.
  • Custom health scores for different account segments track the health of all of your customers.
  • Playbooks ensure your team responds in a consistent and effective way to any alert.


Easily find and view all of your customer data in one place.

Never have to say “I’ll get back to you on that.” Access all of your important customer data on one screen so that you’re prepared to handle any issue or question that comes up. Natero captures everything you need to know about your customer, including detailed product usage down to the individual user, as well as CRM, billing, support, company specific KPI's, and more.

  • See the latest contact, financial, and support data for your customers.
  • View custom KPIs and monitor critical customer metrics.
  • Quickly see all customer interactions including what’s entered in Natero or your CRM.


Understand how customers use your product and help them get more value.

Find your power users and identify non-engaged accounts. Understand which capabilities your customers use the most, adoption rates of new features, as well as which product areas remain underutilized. Natero is built for extreme scalability. You can drill down to identify who does what within your product, and leverage that data for charting, alerting, and outreach. Harness your valuable usage data to increase product adoption and drive user engagement.

  • Know which features your customers use most (or least).
  • Track login frequency and session times by users or accounts.
  • Analyze usage trends by different customer segments, stages, and more.   


Leverage customer data to improve your product, processes, and marketing.

Your customer data is trying to tell you something. Natero’s integrated business intelligence tools help you identify key trends and discover valuable insights – without the help of analysts or developers. Analyze any segment of your client base, understand how customers use your product by industry or stage, view support tickets by tier and geography, or create custom financial charts. You can even compare segments, such as healthy and unhealthy accounts to learn why some customers succeed while others struggle.

  • See if product or process changes are improving customer adoption and health.
  • Improve conversion rates by analyzing user behaviors that correlate with conversion.
  • Share important insights with stakeholders throughout your company


Create better onboarding experiences that lead to adoption and renewal.

Help your customers reach their “Ah-ha” moment. Natero lets you deliver an optimal onboarding process that will pave the way for adoption, renewal and even up-sell in the future. Codify your onboarding processes so that you can provide consistent experiences and measure the results. Know when key milestones are missed so you can nurture your new customers back on the path to success.

  • Know when customers miss key lifecycle milestones.
  • Create standardized lifecycle processes and workflows.
  • Measure and improve your customer facing processes.


Engage the right customers with the right message at the right time.

Drive your customer success goals at scale with highly targeted email campaigns. Natero arms your customer success team with an innovative email solution based on actionable customer data. Use Natero to spot engagement opportunities or define rulebased lists to target customers that meet certain criteria. Create and send beautiful, engaging emails that are relevant and timely. Take advantage of up-to-date customer information to personalize your messages.

  • Email a group of accounts based on the criteria you define using detailed customer data.
  • Include formatted text, hyperlinks, images, tables, and attachments.
  • See detailed email metrics like delivered, opened, clicked, and bounced.


Manage your team’s workload and track performance goals.

Understand the effectiveness of your customer success processes to see what’s working and what needs work. Natero helps monitor success metrics and trends for individual CSMs or your entire Customer Success team. Stay on top of churn and renewal rates, up-sell revenue, even workload per success manager. See how long alerts take to resolve and make sure that existing alerts aren’t falling through the cracks. Easily shift accounts to balance your team’s load; as well as identify which CSMs need help and where.

  • See health score trends by customer tiers, CSM, and time.
  • View alert trends by time period, CSM, and alert type.
  • Get a summary of each CSM account portfolio.
  • See the total MRR owned by each CSM, broken down by health band.


See key financial metrics and identify important business trends.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. SaaS companies need to be on top of critical metrics like churn and renewal. Natero lets you understand the state of your business without the need for spreadsheets or time intensive grunt work. Easily share results with your executive team and tie the value of customer success directly to your company’s bottom line. Natero gives you full visibility into your key SaaS metrics. View trends for revenue and accounts, renewal and churn rates, average revenue per customer, expected lifetime value, and much more.

  • See the breakdown of total MRR over the last 12 months.
  • Understand net change in MRR by new business, churn, expansion, and contraction.
  • Measure monthly account or monetary churn rate.
  • Calculate Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


Don’t know how to use a feature or where to find things?

Our customer success team has built a library of resources at your disposal. You can dive into our knowledge base for tutorials on everything.

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