Team Performance

The Team Performance (available for Growth & Enterprise) page helps you track important performance goals of your Customer Success team; view trends of key success metrics on both the team and individual CSM level; monitor team workload to understand the areas that consume the most effort and time; as well as identify which CSMs need help and where.

It includes the following key reporting areas:

  • Overview
  • Alerts
  • Health Trend
  • Interaction Trend
  • Accounts
  • Tasks
  • Workflows



The overview page gives you a quick overview of accounts and MRR owned by each individual CSM.


Alerts reporting shows you how your team has been performing in terms of managing the alerts over time. 

Health Trend

Health trend reporting shows the accounts and MRR health breakdown by each individual CSM over a selected time frame. 

Interaction Trend

Interaction trend reporting shows the account interaction trends by individual CSM. This tab reports on the number and type of interactions recorded across the set of accounts owned by a specific CSM over time.


Accounts reporting allows you to view accounts that have churned or renewed by each individual CSM over a selected time period.  


Task reporting allows you to quickly see how many tasks that are outstanding, overdue or closed etc. for each individual CSM over a selected time period. You can also view a list of tasks filtered by any CSM, status, task type and time period in a more condensed table view.


Workflow reporting includes trends around how you and your team has been doing with workflows in terms of hitting the target (days overdue or ahead of the target date), the average time it takes to complete a workflow and how many workflows are started and completed in each period.

You can also drill down to each individual milestone as well as each individual CSM to gain more insight on where you can further improve your process and how you can better allocate the resources.

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