Why can't I see alerts?

Make sure you have been assigned a role that has “Customer Success Manager Seat” permission turned on. Only users with this role permission will be able to view and handle alerts generated for their accounts. Learn more.

If you are sure you have the permission, you need to first create alert rules for your accounts, click here to learn how to create an alert rule. Natero will then run these rules across your accounts and will trigger an alert when there is a matching account. 

Please note that predictive alerting will only be turned on when enough data has been collected and processed by Natero for better accuracy. Learn more.

If you have configured alert rules but still are not seeing any alerts, it might be that there hasn't been any matching accounts to the rules you set or that you have no accounts assigned to you yet. Once accounts have been assigned to you, you’ll be able to view alerts on these accounts. Click here to learn how to assign accounts to CSMs.

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