Analytics Overview

Natero's advanced customer analytics leverages the rich data integrated from a variety of your systems and lets you explore a comprehensive view of your customers to understand why some accounts thrive while others leave, what customers like about your product and what needs improvement, and how you can optimize your processes to help them get more value from your solution.

Find more details below on the types of customer analytics you can perform using our easy-to-use Explorer UI to drive powerful insights:

Accounts & Users Exploration

Accounts & Users Exploration is an easy start for you to gain a quick understanding of your accounts and users. You can perform basic aggregation and segmentation analysis of your accounts and users using them.

Conversion Analysis

Conversion Analysis allows you to define important conversion events you’d like to track and analyze behaviors of your customers who have converted versus those who bailed out. By understanding the behaviors and product usage patterns of both the converted and non-converted customers, you are armed with the necessary knowledge to craft the best action plan to improve the process and bring your target customers to a successful conversion.

Accounts Comparison

Accounts Comparison allows you to compare different segments of customers against each other based on any key metrics you care about. By understanding the factors that affect success within these segments, you are empowered to create customized action plans that can more effectively address your customers’ specific needs or issues.

Time Comparison

Time Comparison allows you to analyze customer behavior over two different time periods.

For example, you can analyze product usage by all accounts before and after a major feature enhancement release to understand if the adoption of the product was positively impacted by the enhancement or not.

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