Edit an Account

To edit the details of an account, you'll need to go to the account's editing page. You can access this page via the account details page or the "Account Settings" page under "Management Center".

On the account editing page:

Tier: Select which customer tier this account belongs to.

CSM Score: Assign a score (on the scale of 0-100) to this account which indicates your subjective evaluation of the health of this account. This score can be used for calculating the overall health score of this account. 

NPS Score: Edit and/or add current NPS score for this account.

Stage History:  Edit and/or add lifecycle stages for this account, select the stage name and specify a start date and end date for each stage.

Delete Account: Deleting an account will remove the account completely from your Natero instance, all historical data of this account will be deleted as well.

Mark Account Churned: Marking an account as churned will change the account status to inactive but will not delete the account's historical data.

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