Create Custom Account Views

Custom account views allow you to view any segment of accounts with any account dimension you'd like to see in the main Account List page. For example, you can build a custom view for only trial and onboarding accounts and choose to show their CSM score, latest interaction and customer type next to other account attributes. 

Once a custom account view is saved, it can be set as the default account view for the main Account List page. 

To create a custom view, click "Edit Account Views" to get started. 

Then click "Create Account View".

On the account view editing page:

  1. Provide a name to the account view.
  2. Define the account segment for this view. You can either use an existing list created via the List Explorer or you define a new list using the rule builder within this page. 
  3. Select the account attributes you'd like to add for this view. You can add both account dimensions and metrics to this view, note that when metrics are selected, only the latest metric value captured for each account will be displayed. 
  4. Click "Show Preview" to preview this account view.
  5. If everything looks great, click "Save". 

Now you can view this custom account view from the dropdown list on the main Account List page. 

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