Account Details - Health Score

The Health Score page gives you detailed information on how an account's health score is calculated and how much score it's getting from each component.  

"Current health score configuration" shows the name of the specific health score configuration used to calculate the health score of the current account.

The "Average monthly health score" chart shows the average health score for this account trending monthly. 


The health score breakdown section shows the different health sections included in calculating this account's health score and it's current contribution to the overall health score.

Particularly, the bar chart on the left shows the weighted score each section is contributing to the account's total health score vs. the missing score it could have contributed if the account performed well on that health section. 

And the pie chart on the right shows the specific health sections together with their weight within the health score configuration that's applied to this account. 

The trending line chart on the bottom shows the historical score (in absolute value from 0 - 100) of all the health sections (that have ever been calculated towards this account) over a selected time frame. 

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