Account Details - Interactions

The Interactions page contains the full interaction history of this account.

Terms Definitions
Date The date when this interaction was added.
Type Indicates the type of the interaction.
Contact The contact person from this account for this interaction.
Added by The CSM who created this interaction.
Subject Subject of this interaction.

You can search any interaction by typing a keyword in the search box located on the top right.

Reporting of Account Interactions

We expose a few interaction related dimensions and metrics throughout the product, such as no. of interactions, interaction type, interaction added by as well as last interaction date.

You can create a chart to show no. of interactions you had with an accounts trending over time and break it down by type; or setup alerts based on no. of interactions and last interaction date; or include no. of days since last interaction as a health score criteria. 

Methods to Update Account Interactions

There are multiple ways to populate interaction history for an account in Natero:

  1. Directly add an interaction using the Natero UI.
  2. Sync interactions from a third party system. e.g. "Activity" in Salesforce.
  3. Push interactions via the Natero Account API.
  4. Email campaigns sent from Natero will be automatically recorded as account interactions.

Please note that only interactions added via the Natero UI or synced from a 3rd party system whose API supports interaction insert and update can be modified at this page. Double click on the interaction details and you'll be able to modify the interaction details. 

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