Configure Account Fuzzy Matching


Natero supports Account Fuzzy Matching if accounts cannot be cross referenced across your 3rd party systems. In order to use the fuzzy matching feature, the below items need to be setup properly: 

1. A list of accounts needs to be loaded into Natero with the below required attributes:

  • Account name
  • Account join date
  • Account iD (this is the account ID Natero will be expecting in product usage data)

2. You need to provide integration credentials to 3rd party systems you wish to fuzzy match accounts.

3. Connectors to your 3rd party systems need to be deployed successfully.  

Configure Fuzzy Matching

Once the above are completed, you can start the fuzzy matching process. 

Go to the Settings -> IT Administration -> Fuzzy Matching. Select a 3rd party system you'd like to fuzzy match as the source. You'll then have a list of accounts pulled from that 3rd party system for you to fuzzy match to accounts existing in Natero.

As you manually match/remove accounts, the top number panel will show you the latest count of accounts in Natero (with the exception to Source total) that fall into each category.

There are three sections below:

1. Unmatched shows you a list of accounts in Natero that yet to be verified and manually matched by you. The score indicates how accurate/strong we believe a potential match is to that account.

2. Matched shows you a list of accounts in Natero we have already found match in the 3rd party system.

3. No-match shows you a list of accounts in Natero that we don't see a match in the 3rd party system.

You'll probably spend the most time in the Unmatched section to go through each account and select the right match, or decide to remove the account (if there is no match at all). Removing of an account will add that account to the No-match list.

You can choose to sort the Unmatched list by score, this way you show the accounts with the highest likely potential matches first.

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