Updating the NPS History of an Account

Natero captures the entire NPS history of an account which you can view at the account details - NPS history tab for individual score details and comments.

An account's latest/current NPS score is calculated as the average of all the scores received within the last 90 days of the latest score that account (including the latest score) and will be automatically updated when new scores are captured. 

You can update NPS history of an account via the following methods:

  • 3rd party integration, such as Asknicely, Wootric, Promoter.io etc 
  • Account REST API using the current_nps_score property
  • Direct update within the Natero UI

To set account NPS score via the API, you can attach a user to each score when sending NPS updates as a list of history items. On each NPS history update, the account's current score is calculated as the average of all the scores (from all the users of that account) submitted within the 30 days of the latest score.  

To add NPS scores manually within the UI, go to the NPS History tab of an account details page, click "Add NPS Entry" on the top right and add NPS score details. This will update the account's current score to be the average of all the scores received within the last 90 days of this score, including this score. 

Natero captures account NPS score as a metric, each time the account NPS score is updated (via integration, API or manual update) we save that data point + timestamp as a history for your account.
For example, if you ran an NPS survey on 4/14/18 and received 3 responses for an account on 4/15/18, we'll capture the score for this account based those 3 responses with the timestamp 4/15/18. Later you decide to manually modify the account current NPS score on 4/18/18, it'll save that score for this account with the timestamp 4/18/18. But if later on 4/20/18 you received a new score submitted from a user of this account, the current NPS score for this account will be updated based on the score submitted on 4/20/18 and previous 3 user-submitted scores submitted on 4/14/18) with a new timestamp 4/20/18.
Date Score updated from Account current score
4/14 User submitted score from integration/API: 5,6,10 7 = (5+6+10)/3
4/18 Manually add an NPS score entry of 9 8 = (9+5+6+10)/4
4/20     User submitted score from integration/API: 7 7 = (7+9+5+6+10)/5
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