Onboarding CSMs to Natero

Here is a quick checklist of items CSMs can refer to when first onboarded to the Natero platform:

1. Make sure new accounts are getting assigned to the proper CSM.

2. Make sure accounts information are up to date.

  • Account ids are properly populated in each system to allow all data of new accounts to be synced properly from third party systems and event source.
  • Update custom dimensions maintained manually within Natero.

3. Create alerts for important scenarios you’d like to track on your accounts. Create tasks out of alerts if you need to take action and follow up on resolving the alerted situation.

4. Configure account health score to start monitoring account health by key segment.

5. Use workflows to track key milestones your accounts need to achieve and/or tasks you need to complete in order to move the accounts from one lifecycle stage to another, onboarding, renewal, QBR etc..

6. Record/Sync account interactions to make sure you have a fully history of account communication.

7. Use notes to capture status, feature requests, key facts or important information about an account; and documents to store related documents of an account that you can refer to easily.

8. Build account Metrics charts to include key account KPIs you’d like to monitor on a regularly basis.
Review and manage all the tasks associated with your accounts at the main Tasks page or at account details - tasks section for each individual account.  

9. Advanced account analytics: Define account segmentations based on key account attributes and/or usage behaviors so that you can monitor those lists from time to time. Leverage explorer analytics to uncover usage patterns, compare usage trends of those accounts over time.

10. Targeted account nurturing: Create targeted email campaigns to nurture accounts based on their specific behavior in Natero.

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