Natero API Uploader

The Natero API Uploader enables the uploading of CSV files to the Natero API. You can bulk insert accounts/users or update account/user attributes using the feature.
A CSV file can be uploaded for each API described by the API documentation. Prior to uploading a CSV file to the API, a CSV file template should be downloaded. 
Note that please refer to the relevant section in the API documentation prior to using a certain template. 
Please follow the steps described on the page:
  1. Select the API for upload from the first dropdown, you can optionally download the CSV template or preview the fields available in that API.
  2. Click the "Update CSV file" button.
  3. A file browser should pop up.
  4. Select the file (make sure you select the right file and the file is not empty). The file must contain the column headings and be comma separated.
  5. Once selected from the file browser you should see a preview of the data. 
When an update occurs, all updates are visible immediately.
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