Automate Wootric NPS Survey Using Smart Trigger Rules

Natero email template is available in Wootric for NPS surveys. If you are using Wootric, you can upload the entire HTML template into the Natero email editor and send out Wootric NPS survey using Natero’s automated email trigger and/or email campaign feature.


1. Go to your Wootric account -> Settings

2. Click Download Email Template under "Setup Your Survey"

3. Select Natero from the list and click "download"

This feature not only allows you to schedule NPS survey based on rich customer data and smart rules in Natero, but also ensures that responses submitted to your NPS survey will be 100% mapped to existing users in your Natero instance through the Wootric <> Natero integration.

The downloaded template will be in a form of a raw HTLM code. Once you have downloaded it, you can paste it into an email template in Natero's Email Center.

Below you can find an example Rule for Email Trigger you can set up to collect NPS score of your customers. The rule defines your target audience group – active product users from active accounts in a certain stage.

You can add additional criteria, based on which email will be triggered. Those can be related the users activity like Daily Session Time or timeframe when they have been last using your product as well as for how long they are an active user.

More instructions on how to create an Email Trigger can be found in Create Email Trigger article.

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