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The Accounts page provides a sortable list of all the accounts that are synced to your Natero account. Through this page, you can easily find accounts with certain properties and proactively engage with them.

Account Views

Select from the dropdown to view accounts by different filters:

  1. My Accounts - Accounts that are assigned to you
  2. Active Accounts - All active accounts (non-churn and non-deleted)
  3. Churned Accounts - All churned accounts
  4. Unassigned Accounts - Accounts that have not been assigned to any CSM


The right-hand section provides a quick summary of the list of accounts loaded from a certain view, including total MRR/ARR, account stage breakdown and health breakdown.

Total MRR/ARRThe trend of the total MRR/ARR for all the accounts you own over the past year.
Account Stage BreakdownCount of accounts grouped by lifecycle stage shown as a horizontal bar chart.
Accounts by Health ScoreCount of accounts by health bands.
MRR/ARR by Health ScoreSum of MRR/ARR by account health bands.

To view more details of an account, click anywhere on the row of the account to go to the account details page.

Custom Account Views

You can also create custom account views for any account segment, using any account dimension you'd like to include in this table. For example, you can create a view for only trial and onboarding accounts with their CSM score and latest interaction included in this view.


Account - CSM Assignment

You can also assign an account to any CSM from this page. Select the accounts you wish to assign and choose the CSMs from the "Assign Reps" pop-up window.


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