OAuth is a protocol that allows Natero to access resources of Google Calendar without having to expose your user credentials. Instead of supplying a username and password, OAuth allows you to authorize the Natero application to access your Google Calendar data via the API.

The Google Calendar integration is available to help you make informed decisions by tracking customer meetings.


You need to have a Natero account to complete the OAuth setup (contact us if you do not have one yet).

Step-by-step Guide

Note that Google Calendar meetings are tracked against each individual Natero user and their respective Google Calendar account, if you'd like to track all customer meetings from all your CSMs, each CSM needs to turn on the Google Calendar integration for himself/herself following the instructions below.

1. Go to "My Profile" page under "Settings".


2. Under the "Manage oAuth" section, select "Google Apps".


3. Follow the prompts to complete the integration with your Google Calendar account.

4. Once configured, you can find "Google Apps" listed on your "My Profile" page. All your historical Google Calendar meetings will start syncing over.


***Note that by setting up the Google oAuth, you are only granting us access to your Google app, we need to build the connector before it can start importing meetings to your Natero account. Please inform us once you've completed the oAuth so we can set up the Google connector for your org as soon as possible. Once the connector was deployed, it'll automatically sync meetings for other users who completed the Google oAuth for their own Google account moving forward.