If you have set up OAuth within the IT center and have already notified us. Consider your integration setup process to have begun.

Here is how the integration works:

It picks the email of the attendee and looks for that user's email within Natero. If the user exists it will record the following within the UI:

  • date of the meeting

  • start time

  • duration of the call

  • participants

  • attendee name

  • email

  • when they joined the call

  • minutes in the meeting

Note: Only data for the meeting that was started will be synced irrespective of where the Meeting invite is sent from.

What happens when the CSM's email id in Natero is different than the one being used for GTM/Zoom?

If a CSM joins the meeting using a different email (vs. the one he uses to log into Natero) or without an email provided, this interaction won't be attributed to that CSM in the reporting. However, we'll still be able to capture this interaction for the account (if any of the attendee emails match the record in Natero).

***Note that GoToMeeting does not have registration forms similar to GoToTraining or GoToWebinar; it is not currently possible to require users to enter their email addresses to verify themselves. You can always request them to add their email addresses by right-clicking their name in the attendee list in GoToMeeting's control panel and editing their information.