What to expect from Google Calendar Integration?

The Google Calendar integration works on a per-user basis and each individual has to go to the "My Profile" page and set up the Google OAuth. If you have set up OAuth on the "My Profile" page and have already notified us. Consider your Google Calendar integration setup process to have begun.

Here is how the integration works:

It picks the email of the attendee and looks for that user's email within Natero. If the user exists it will record the following within the UI:

  • date of the meeting

  • start time

  • duration of the call

  • participants

  • attendee name

  • email

  • minutes in the meeting

Unlike GTM, in Google Calendar integration, we will not be able to show actual duration for each attendee but assume they all attend the whole session. Google calendar meetings will be stored as account interactions in Natero with type "Google calendar".

How does Natero match the meeting to an Account?

Meetings can be matched and associated with their respective accounts via methods listed below in the order of priority:

Direct Match

Natero will attempt a direct match using the email address of the attendee. If the email Id found is a registered user of one of your accounts. e.g your customer named "Logo" has a user tester@logo.com who participated in the meeting. If this user's email (email: test@logo.com) is listed in Natero as a user of the account Logo, then it will be a direct match and we will associate the Meeting/Interaction to that customer's account in your instance of Natero.

Email Domain Match

  1. Single Account Domain Match: If the user is not synced into Natero, we will attempt to match on the email domain. If we find only 1 account with the particular domain name, we will associate the interaction with that account.e.g Natero will look for a user with domain logo.com. If a match is found, the meeting would be added to the account with domain logo.com. 

  2. Multiple Account Domain Match: If Natero attempts a match on the domain and there is more than one account having the same domain, we will not associate the interaction with either account as our system would not know how to choose.