Third-party help desk systems require the following credentials to integrate with Natero. If you do not use one of these applications, please refer to our Account API documentation for instructions on how to send your support data to Natero.

Application Credentials Needed

  • Account email (which is associated with an admin role in Zendesk)

  • Zendesk domain for the account: https://{subdomain}

  • API Token (get from Settings > Channels > API, enable Token access and click "add new token")


We recommend the use of OAuth to authorize Natero for access to your Intercom application.

Create a Natero app in your desk instance and provide to us:

The access token and secret can be obtained by clicking on the right hand side.


  • Api_key

  • Domain_prefix


Help Scout

  • Api_key




Please contact us if you have any problems obtaining these credentials.