With time trigger automation, you can set up automation rules to update custom object fields based on the time taken since a ticket has been acted upon. 

 You must associate custom objects with tickets to start using custom object automations.

Let’s say you are an eCommerce company that sells furniture online. Customers report problems with their orders/check their order status by raising a ticket, calling, or starting a chat with your support team. When a ticket is created, you can set up an automation rule so that the custom object field is updated automatically based on ticket status. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Go to Admin → Workflows → Automations → Time Triggers tab

  2. Create a ‘New Rule’

  3. Set the condition as follows:

    1. If ticket type is ‘Refund’ and ‘if hours since closed is greater than 72’

  4. Choose the action to be performed as ‘Update Order ID record’ ‘Set Refund status as Refund Processed’ 

  5. Hit Preview and Save

Now, this automation rule will be executed when the set time conditions are met, and the custom object record will be updated automatically. This way, agents can stick to their ticket resolution SLAs and Admins can reduce the manual effort of updating the records for their agents when a ticket is closed. 

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