We understand that customers reach out to your business in more than one channel. Hence, it is essential that the source of each query is recorded appropriately. With Omnichannel Sources, you’ll know exactly how customers reach out to you. For example, if a customer walks into your physical store and records a complaint, you can create a ticket with a custom source as, say, store walk-in. This way, your agents will have the right context while working on issues. You can also plan your workflows and make better hiring decisions based on where your customers reach out to you the most. 

Creating a new source

In order to create a new source, 

  • Go to Admin -> Workflows -> Ticket Fields
  • Click on Sources. You will already find 13 default sources already available
  • Scroll down and enter an appropriate source value

  • Click on the icon next to the source value field and choose an icon from the set of icons available

  • You can also move the newly created field up or down the list based on where you want the value to be listed. Once done, you can click on Save field.

Creating ticket for a new source

You can create a ticket for this custom source by,

  • Clicking on +New button from top right of the screen,  
  • Click on New Ticket
  • Click on the Source dropdown and select the appropriate source, and complete creating the ticket

Creating an SLA policy for new sources

You can create a separate SLA policy for queries coming in through these custom sources. Here's how you can do it,

  • Go to Admin -> Workflows -> SLA Policies

  • Click on Add Policy
  • Give the SLA policy a suitable name and select the Source field in the condition and choose the newly created source

  • You can then give the appropriate targets, reminders, escalations and click Save.

Setting up automations for new sources

You can also set up automation rules on these custom sources like, say, assigning tickets coming in through walk-in customers to a particular agent. You can do so by following these steps,

  • Go to Admin -> Workflows -Automation -> Tickets
  • Click on New Rule
  • Under ticket properties, select the property as Source and choose the appropriate source you want to create the automation rule for
  • Choose an appropriate action and click on Preview and Save