If you have signed up for a Freshdesk or Omnichannel account before March 30, 2022, refer to this article to learn about logging in and accessing your Freshdesk Customer Portal.

The new Freshdesk Portal allows admins to effortlessly create and manage multiple unique portals to deliver a tailor-made self-service experience.

We have reimagined our Portal from the ground up for better manageability, accessibility, and effortless customization. With the new Freshdesk Portal, you can save time on portal customization, and Admins can create and deploy unique portals on-the-fly.

With advanced agent permissions and granular capabilities like multiple theme management and out-of-the-box WCAG theme, the new Freshdesk Portal is simple, sleek, and scalable, making it truly 

What’s changed with the all-new Freshdesk Portal?

  • Centralized portal management: Set up unique portals for different products/services/brands and manage them from one place. You can customize the branding, sections, and behavior on each portal.
  • Multi-theme management: The new Freshdesk Portal allows customers to import and manage up to 10 custom themes for each portal.
  • Out-of-the-box WCAG theme: An out-of-the-box WCAG theme will help Portal visitors with better accessibility. 
  • Collision detection to avoid conflicts: Prevent multiple admins from simultaneously editing the Portal customizations on the code editor.
  • Pre-defined placeholders for a faster and error-free coding experience. Learn more. 
  • Advanced agent permissions: The all-new Portal offers special permissions for developers with restricted Freshdesk access to manage only portal customizations.

About the WCAG Compliant theme - Marina: 

Marina is the native WCAG theme for your Freshdesk Customer Portal that works out of the box. The Marina theme passes WCAG 2.0 AA standards. 

Please reach out to support@freshdesk.com for any queries.