You have the option of importing a theme onto Freshdesk. To do so, click on the ‘Import Theme’ button. Please note that only .zip files can be uploaded.

For complete access to your portal’s theme, Freshdesk provides a source code editor that you can use to make granular level changes. 

The source code editor is developer-friendly with:

  • Pre-defined placeholders for an error-free and quicker coding experience. 
  • Choice of editor themes to suit your personal preferences.


You can also choose to download an existing theme by clicking on 'Download'. Once you click, you will receive .zip file via email and you can make changes to the same before importing it back to Freshdesk.  

The .zip file will contain all the pages listed below 

You can use this as a base code file and make further customizations on it. If you are making customizations to the base code file then here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Do not make changes/edits to the file names.
  • All page types should be present in the ZIP file before uploading. 
  • Metafile along with the required keys (name, base_theme) should be present
  • Ensure all the mandatory keys in the preferences file are present.
  • Please don't make changes to the page names or the order in which the pages are listed in the .ZIP file after customizing. 
  • Ensure the CSS in the ‘custom_css’ file is valid. 
  • Ensure the liquid content for all the other page types is valid. 

Mandatory files: All files except archive_ticket_list, archive_ticket_view, public_ticket_view and archive_public_ticket_view are mandatory keys. 

On a successful upload, you can view the customization codes getting listed under 'Portal Pages'. You can get here by Admin > Portal > Hover over the portal of choice and select Customize > Edit theme on the respective theme.    

Failing to  so will make the .zip file invalid and you will see an error in uploading the file. 

You can find the Mandatory keys for preferences file below: 










   "base_font":"Source Sans Pro",


   "headings_font":"Source Sans Pro",










After making the necessary edits to your ZIP file, you can import the ZIP file and get a real-time preview. Click on Apply and your theme will be applied to your Portal.  

If you are not done yet, you can just save your work and continue later. You can always click on reset to go back to the default colors if things become messy.