All tickets containing certain keywords or properties can be assigned to an agent group using Freshdesk Automations. If the Ticket Assigned to Group notification under Agent Notifications is enabled, all agents in the group will be notified about the ticket by email, and any of them can work on solving the issue.

A quick guide to setting up a rule that runs on ticket creation

  • Login to your support portal as an Administrator.
  • Go to Admin > Workflows > Automations > Ticket creation tab.
  • Click on New Rule.
  • Give your rule a name.
  • Select the conditions which will trigger this particular rule; for example, if you want all tickets of type 'return', 'refund' or 'replacement' to be assigned to the Returns & Refunds group, set up a condition as shown below:


  • Add the tasks you'd like to perform by selecting an action from the dropdown list (click Add new action to add more if required).
  • To assign tickets to a group, select Assign to group from the first dropdown, and the name of the group in the next one.
  • Once you're done, click Preview and Save.
  • A summary will be auto-generated and will be used as the description for that rule. It can be edited, if need be.

  • Click on 'Save and Enable' to save and enable this rule on your Freshdesk.

If you're on the Estate or the Forest plans, you can turn on the automatic ticket assignment feature to assign tickets to agents within a group - find out more here

Once you add the rules, here's how you can reorder them -