If you are looking to send an automated response on a ticket that needs to be threaded as a first response on the Ticket conversations, it can be done using a webhook on a Ticket Creation rule.

Navigate to Automations > Ticket > Ticket Creation > New Rule and set up a rule with conditions as per your requirement

If you want to send an automated first response on all the tickets, then the conditions of the rule can be as follows  

  •     Priority is Low, Medium, High, Urgent

In cases you want to send an automated first response on a ticket only in specific scenarios, please set up the conditions on the rule as per your business requirement.

Webhook format

You can customize the content of the API call further as per your requirement. Here is a sample call

"body" : "
We are working on this issue. Will keep you posted.
", "user_id" : {{ticket.agent.id}}, "from_email" : "support@yourcompany.com" }

Here's the link to our API documentation. For more details on webhooks, head to this article.