Every support agent knows that even the most extensive Knowledge Base can't stop some common questions from cropping up repeatedly - questions that force agents to keep repeating themselves while more serious queries pile up. 

With Canned Responses, your agents can create a predefined set of reply templates they can use with a single click. 

The next time a customer has questions about resetting their password, your agents can quickly use a canned response to solve their problem and move on to other tickets.

This article provides details on the following:

  1. Creating a canned response
  2. Organizing your Canned Responses into Folders

Creating a canned response

  1. Log in to your Freshdesk account as admin and go to Admin > Agent Productivity > Canned Responses > New Folder

  2. Enter a folder name and click Create

  3. Click on the New Canned Response option within the newly created folder
    Note: Alternatively, you can directly click on the New Canned Response option and then choose the folder (See step 7)

  4. Enter the response title and message. You also use the green plus icon to insert a placeholder to automatically include dynamic content such as Ticket ID, Subject, or Requester Name in the reply
  5. Set the visibility:
    • Myself: Select this option to save the responses under your Personal folder. Note that others cannot access the personal folder.
    • All agents: Select this option to make the canned responses visible to all agents in your account.
    • Agents in group: Select this option to make the responses visible to a particular group only. For example, a canned response for 'Refund' can be made visible just to your 'Returns and Refunds' team, as other teams will have no use for it. This option also allows you to select multiple groups.

  6. Select the folder where you want to save the new canned response
  7. Click Save

Using canned responses in tickets

You can view the list of canned responses under Admin > Agent Productivity > Canned Responses. 
You can also create a canned response as you're typing a reply to a customer by clicking on Canned Response above the reply and selecting the Add New Canned Response option. 

Now your agents can use the canned response you created in a ticket by clicking on Insert Canned Response.

Organizing your canned responses

You can organize your canned responses into folders to easily categorize and move them to other folders. 

Moving canned responses

  1. Select a folder and choose the responses you want to move, and click Move to

  2. Select the folder where you want to move the responses and click Move

Agents can create personal canned responses visible only to them. Learn how.

Deleting canned responses

  1. Go to Admin > Agent Productivity > Canned Response > Folder name (if applicable) and select the canned responses you want to remove using the checkboxes

  2. Click on Delete


  • You can only delete or edit custom canned response folders and not the default folders
  • You can also export the canned responses in bulk as a CSV or XLSX file. For details, check Exporting Canned Responses