With load-balanced ticket assignment, you can define the number of tickets an agent can handle at any given time. This way, you can ensure that your agents aren’t overwhelmed; especially those who already have a lot of pending tickets.

How load-balanced ticket assignment works?

When tickets are assigned to a group, they are assigned to the least loaded agent first and are then distributed to other agents in the group until they reach the threshold you’ve set. Thereafter, tickets are assigned to an agent as and when they resolve one of the assigned tickets.  


While computing the current load of an agent, only tickets with SLA ON status will be considered. Load-based ticket assignment is supported by Omniroute. You’ll be able to set the global limit and the assignment preference under Omniroute. 


Note: If you don’t have the latest version of Load based ticket assignment powered by Omniroute, please write to support@freshdesk.com. The older version is no longer supported

How is an agent’s load determined?

 An agent’s current load decreases when:

  • They resolve a ticket
  • They change a ticket from Open to Waiting on Customer (or another SLA OFF status)
  • They delete a ticket or mark it as spam

 If a ticket is manually assigned to an agent, the number of tickets assigned to them could exceed their maximum load. 

Let's look at a team where two agents are routed via load-balanced ticket assignment. The maximum number of tickets has been set to 5 tickets per agent.



                                                                                            SCENARIO 3

Note: If a ticket is manually assigned to an available agent, it will be counted as excess and so new tickets won’t be assigned to this agent until his/her number of tickets falls below the set threshold.

For example, if Dan's already reached his threshold of 5 tickets and is assigned 2 more tickets manually, he will not be automatically assigned tickets until his number of assigned tickets drops below 5.

How to set up load balanced assignments (legacy LBRR)?

  1. Login to Freshdesk as an Administrator.
  2. Go to Admin > Team > Groups, and click Edit next to the group you want to modify.
  3. Enable Automatic ticket assignment and choose Load balanced ticket assignment.
  4. Set the maximum number of tickets per agent by selecting a value from 1-100. The optimal number is 5 as it’s a concurrent limit - by setting a small number as threshold limit, you improve your agent’s chances of responding to assigned tickets faster.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you have the latest LBRR by Omniroute, click on Omniroute settings. You will be redirected to the Omniroute page, where you can set the load and the assignment preference.