The Average Handling Time (AHT) curated report lets you view the total time tracked for all tickets in your helpdesk. Get complete visibility of your team’s performance, measure their productivity, identify the gaps, and improve the ticket handling time.

By default, the report shows today’s data for the Company view. Switch to other tabs to view the average handling time by other categories like Agent, Group, Product, Ticket, and Date. Also, you can filter and drill down the report data based on specific date range, agent, and chargeable type (billable, non-billable). 

How to view the report?

  1. Log in to Freshdesk.
  2. From the left panel, select Analytics.
  3. Choose Curated Reports from the drop-down and then select Average Handling Time.

The following widgets are available in the report:

Total time tracked Gives you the overall time spent on all tickets for the selected date range
Billable Time Tracked Gives the total billable hours spent on all tickets.
Non-billable Time Tracked Gives the total non-billable hours spent on all tickets
Billable vs non-billable time tracked Shows a comparison of billable vs. non-billable hours
Average Handling Time Summary

Displays the report data in tabular format for the selected filters. The table has the following fields:

  • Ticket id
  • Ticket subject
  • Billable time tracked
  • Ticket source
  • Clocked date
  • Ticket priority
  • Agent
  • Ticket product
  • Ticket group name
  • Chargeable type
  • Handling time

How to use the report?

The following use cases give an overview of how you can use the Average Handling Time report.

Use case 1: I want to know the average billable hours by tickets for the last 7 days.

Since you want to view the data at a ticket level, switch to the Tickets tab and apply the following filters:

  • Date Range: Last 7 days
  • Chargeable Type: Billable

You can view the average billable hours for the last 7 days grouped by each ticket. With this data, you can identify the ticket that took the most no. of billable hours to resolve. In the report below, ticket 185 - SSO setup has the highest handle time.

Use case 2: I want to know the total time spent by agents on each ticket in the last 30 days

To view this data, go to the Agents tab and apply the following filters:

Date Range: Last 30 days

Here, you can see the total time spent by each agent on each ticket. You can further drill down the report to see the data for a specific agent.