If you have configured several ticket fields in your helpdesk but do not want to populate all these fields in your new ticket forms or ticket details page, you can use the Hide/Disable Ticket Fields app to show only relevant fields. 


Installing the Hide/Disable Ticket Fields app

To install the app,

  • Login to your helpdesk portal as an Admin.

  • Go to Admin > Support Operations > Apps

  • In the Search apps text box, search for the Hide/Disable Ticket Fields app.

  • Click Install and configure the details, such as the API Key and Domain.

Setting up the Hide/Disable Ticket Fields app

To hide/disable ticket fields,

  • Go to Settings and click Authenticate.

  • Check the boxes near the pages you wish to hide/disable the fields.

  • Specify the agents for whom the fields are to be hidden/disabled.

  • Select the Ticket fields you wish to hide/Disable from the subsequent dropdown.

  • Click Save.

For example, if you wish to hide and disable the default fields “Group” and “Source,” you can set it up as shown in the image below.

Hide/Disable Ticket Fields app configuration