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Feature Details:

The Infusionsoft app for Freshdesk allows you to retrieve contact and account details of a requester in your helpdesk from Infusionsoft and provide support with better context of your customer’s problems. Helpdesk admins can configure which details they want their agents to access and these details will be available in the Tickets page and the Contacts page of the Requesters.

Installation Procedure:

On Freshdesk

The app will have to be enabled by your helpdesk’s admin. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin → Apps → Get More Apps. 

  2. Select Infusionsoft and click on Install.

  3. Login to your Infusionsoft account if necessary and allow Freshdesk to access your account. You’ll be redirected to the app configuration page in Freshdesk.

  4. Select the Contact Fields and Account Fields that you want your agents to access. Only the fields that you select here will be displayed in the Tickets Page and Contacts Page when agents access the app.

  5. Click on Update.

And the app will be installed.

Note: Any custom field using the data type “Social Security Number” or “Drill Down” will not be supported by this app. You will not be able to select those fields in the app configuration page in your helpdesk.


Using The Feature

The Infusionsoft app for Freshdesk provides context to agents about the customer they are trying to support. Once the app has been enabled, details about the customer will be visible in the Requester Info section of their Tickets page. Agents merely have to choose the Infusionsoft option in the selector to get the relevant data.

The app matches the email ID of the requester and displays the contacts from Infusionsoft. If a requester has multiple email IDs, then all of them will be checked with your Infusionsoft account and all contacts which have matching email IDs will be displayed.

The app also tries to match Company name of the requester to any Accounts in Infusionsoft. In case of matches, the relevant details are displayed in the Requester Info section below the Contacts section.

Agents can select one of the contact matches to get more details.

In case the company of a requester matches an account in Infusionsoft, agents can just click on the Company name in Requester Info section to get more details about that account. They can also choose one of the matches in the main screen of the Requester Info section as well.

The fields displayed in this section are those that the Admin configured in the app configuration screen. If you need a different field displayed or one of the fields removed, go to Admin → Apps → Infusionsoft → Edit.


Agents can also access this data from the Contacts page of the Requester.


  1. Requestor Info section shows “Cannot find *Requester Name* in Infusionsoft”. Why?
    The app matches only the email IDs and the Company name of the requester. If neither of those match, then no information will be retrieved.

  2. I can see Contact details of the Requestor. But I can’t see his address. Why?
    Please make sure that the Admin has enabled access to the address field in the app configuration window. Go to Admin → Apps → Infusionsoft → Edit and make sure that in the Contact Fields section, the data field you want is added there.

  3. What are the default Contact Fields supported by the app?
    The default contact fields currently supported by the app are:

    1. 'City'

    2. 'Company'

    3. 'Country'

    4. 'Email'

    5. 'First Name'

    6. 'Job Title'

    7. 'Last Name'

    8. 'Lead Source'

    9. 'Owner'

    10. 'Person Type'

    11. 'Phone 1'

    12. 'Phone1 Type'

    13. 'Postal Code'

    14. 'State'

    15. 'Street Address 1'

    16. 'Street Address 2'

    17. 'Website'

    18. 'Postal Code Extn'

  4. What are the default Account Fields supported by the app?
    The default account fields supported by the app are:

    1. 'City'

    2. 'Company'

    3. 'Country'

    4. 'Email'

    5. 'Phone 1'

    6. 'Phone1 Type'

    7. 'Postal Code'

    8. 'State'

    9. 'Street Address 1'

    10. 'Street Address 2'

    11. 'Website'

    12. 'Postal Code Extn'

  5. Why am I not able to add my custom field in the Freshdesk Apps page?
    Custom fields can be used with this app. But please note that if your custom field has the data type Social Security Number or Drill Down, then those fields will not be supported.