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Update contact details from FullContact automatically when creating a contact in Freshdesk

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Import contact details manually from FullContact for contacts already existing in Freshdesk

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Feature Details:

The FullContact app for Freshdesk will let you connect your FullContact account to your helpdesk. This will enable auto-import feature for any new contacts that are created in your helpdesk. You will also be able to manually import contact details of customers who you’ve been in touch with before installing the FullContact app.

Installation Procedure:

The installation procedure for the FullContact app for Freshdesk is divided into two parts: The first part deals with the accessing the app and authorizing the integration. The second with the configuration of the app.

Admin Steps to install the FullContact app

To install this app in your helpdesk, you must have Admin access. To link your FullContact account and your helpdesk:

  • Sign into your Freshdesk account

  • Go to Admin → Apps → Get More Apps → FullContact

  • Click on Install. This will take you to the app configuration page.

  • Enter your FullContact API.

Configuring your FullContact app

You will need custom Freshdesk fields to store the FullContact data in Freshdesk. You can read more about creating custom fields here. You will have two divisions - Contact and Company in the app configuration screen.

  • In the Company section, select the FullContact and Freshdesk fields that you want to map to each other. When auto-update is triggered, the data from FullContact fields you’ve chosen will be updated to the Freshdesk custom fields that you created earlier and mapped in the configuration screen.

  • Select Contacts in the tab above and you will be able to map fields for Contact details update as well.

  • You can select any 5 social fields from FullContact out of a total 18 to update Contact details Freshdesk.

  • You can import a total of 6 fields in the Company section.

Using The Feature

  • Details from FullContact will be imported to Freshdesk as soon as a new Contact or Company is created in Freshdesk. Contact data is retrieved from FullContact based on a match with Email or Phone - in that order. Company data is retrieved from FullContact based on a match on Domain Field. Without these fields, no data will be retrieved.

  • The data retrieved from FullContact will be added to your Freshdesk Contacts only if the fields are empty. For example, if you already have the phone number of a contact in Freshdesk but a different number is imported from FullContact, the FullContact app will not modify the existing data (that is, the phone number) in any way.

  • If you change the Domain Field of a company, the FullContact app will immediately check again for any changes to Company details and update the Freshdesk fields accordingly.

  • Automatic updation happens only once - when the contact or company is created. If you’ve modified data in FullContact since then, you will have a button “View Latest” in the FullContact app in Freshdesk. Click on it to compare existing contact details versus the new ones from FullContact. If you click on Update, the new values will be imported from FullContact and updated.

  • If you wish to update details for a contact or company that already exists, you will have to do it manually from their respective Contacts or Company Details page.


  1. What are the FullContact social fields that I can import data from?
    There are totally 18 fields that you can import FullContact data for. The data fields and the relevant data types you’ll need to setup in Freshdesk are:


    FullContact Field

    Freshdesk Field Type

    AOL chat


    Facebook chat




    LinkedIn Profile
















    Facebook Profile


    Google Profile


    Google Plus






  3. How many details can I import in the Company details section?

    You can import a total of 6 fields for the Company Details section

    FullContact Fields Freshdesk Field Type
    Location Text
    Organization Text
    Approximate Employees Number
    Language Locale Text
    Founded Text
    Overview Text