You can create a ticket for every comment a user writes on your WordPress site users to log in to Freshdesk. To do so, you first need to install the Freshdesk WordPress plugin. You can install the plugin from the plugins directory if your site runs on self-hosted WordPress. If you use, you need to on the Business plan or above to install this plugin. 

1. Installing the Freshdesk plugin in your WordPress account

  • Log into your WordPress account and go to Plugins (1) on your toolbar. 
  • On the plugins page, click the Add New (2) button.

  • Search (3) for the Freshdesk official plugin
  • Click the Install now (4) button on the Freshdesk (official) plugin.
  • If you see an error while trying to install the plugin, please check if you have given write access to WordPress.

  • Once you've installed the plugins, click Installed pluginsClick Activate next to the Freshdesk (official). 

  • After you've activated the plugin, the Freshdesk icon will be visible on the toolbar.

  • When you click the Freshdesk plugin icon, it will show you the following options:

  • Basic settings:
    • to set up the help widget on your WordPress website. Learn more here.
    • Convert WordPress comments to Freshdesk tickets.

  • SSO integration. Learn more here.

  • Select Convert WordPress comments to tickets in Freshdesk. You'll see options to insert an API key (1) and your Freshdesk URL (2).

  • The API key (1) can be found in your Freshdesk profile settings (Profile picture > Profile settings > Your API key). 

  • Your Freshdesk URL (2) will look like In case you're having trouble with finding your URL, you can go to and follow the instructions to find your URL.

  • After you copy and paste your API key and URL, you can click Save changes, and any comment on your WordPress site will be created as a ticket in Freshdesk. When you respond to these tickets, the ticket requester receives an email with your response.

  • Under Settings > Discussion > Before a comment appears in your WordPress site, you can control whether comments are approved manually, or automatically. It will look like this:

Even if you are manually approving comments, the Freshdesk plugin will still create a ticket for these unapproved comments. Your website visitors will see this message: "Your comment is awaiting moderation" while you'll see them as an unapproved comment in WordPress, and as a ticket on Freshdesk.

Apart from using the plugin to create tickets when comments are posted on your WordPress site, you can use it to embed the Freshdesk help widget on WordPress and let your WordPress users seamlessly and securely log in to Freshdesk.