Feature Details:

The Woopra App for Freshdesk has two main functions:

  1. It allows you to easily access a customer's profile information - this feature can be accessed by installing the Woopra App from the App Gallery.
  2. It allows you to view the pages he has visited on your site and other details when you view his ticket. You'll need to follow the instructions in the "Display Code" section below to access this feature.
You can also make use of Woopra's integration with Freshdesk where actions can be automatically triggered in Woopra based on ticket properties in Freshdesk.

Installation Procedure:

  1. Go to Admin Apps Get More Apps
  2. Select Woopra and click on Install
  3. Enter the Domain Name of your Woopra account and click on Install.

The Display Code:

  • Open the text file named "woopra_portal_customization.txt" (Right click here and select "Save Link As")
  • Replace "sample.freshdesk.com" with your domain name. 
  • Copy the code from the file.
  • Go to Admin → Portals  Customize Portal → Layouts & Pages  Portal Layout 

  • Paste the code in the "Footer" section and click "Save and Publish"

Using the App:

The right side of the ticket window contains the "Requester Info" box.

Clicking on "Woopra Profile" will bring up analytics specific to that customer, generated by his activities on your site. This can be used by agents to determine which ticket to handle and to get some insight into the problems that the customer is facing.