GoodData delivers Headless BI and composable analytics powered by data as a service engine.

With GoodData integration you can extend Freshdesk capabilities like:

  • Create and use Advanced statistical metrics 

  • Forecast and enhance business reports - Identify and predict key levers of support quality 

  • Benchmark performances, compare data, and set goals

  • Send alerts to admins whenever there is a spike or drop in numbers

  • Share reports with powerful visualization using combo charts, bullet charts, etc

With the GoodData for Freshdesk app, you do not have to construct complex data pipelines and devise sophisticated logical data models.

GoodData<>Freshdesk feature sets:

GoodData for Freshdesk comes with a pre-defined set of:

  • Dashboards - visualizations tools

  • Insights - analytical tools that you construct in Analytical Designer

  • Measures - formulae that make calculations over your data

The GoodData app integrates with your Freshdesk environment with the support of our Single Sign-on feature.

Prerequisites for setup:

  1. You will be able to install the app only if you are in plans- Pro, Enterprise, Pro Omnichannel, Enterprise Omnichannel plans.

  2. You will not be able to set up the app if you are assigned a custom role. Only Account Admins, Admins, and Supervisors can install and set up the app.

  3. To install and use GoodData for Freshdesk, ensure that you enabled 3rd party cookies in your browser.

Note: The app comes with the Marketplace listing of $5/agent/month and does not require any other additional subscription.

Installing GoodData app for Freshdesk:

1. Find the GoodData app in the Freshworks marketplace.

2. Click the GoodData app icon to start the installation process.

3. Check the connection details and update them if necessary.

  •     Freshdesk API Key
  •     Freshdesk domain address

4. Review the Terms and Conditions, confirm you understand the documents, then click Agree & Continue.

Note: If your account is HIPAA-compliant, also accept a BAA contract.

5. When the installation is complete, the following message appears

6. Review the Custom Apps section to verify the GoodData app is available in your account.

7. After you installed GoodData for Freshdesk, we must prepare the application to work with your data. This may take some time. Therefore, after the installation completes, you may see the following messages:

*The GoodData app is being prepared, or your role does not have the permission to use the app (typically a Freshdesk custom role with access to Freshdesk reporting).*

* We are preparing your data for use within the GoodData app. Meanwhile, you can explore available resources to get familiar with the app. We encourage you to play with the demo dashboard to get familiar with the app's user interface and features.*

* Your data is in the GoodData app, and you are ready to go.

How to use GoodData<>Freshdesk integration efficiently:

GoodData for Freshdesk user interface comprises the following sections.

  • Dashboards - Displays data visualizations

  • Analyze - Use Analytical Designer to create analytical insights from the measures catalog

  • Demo - A workspace preloaded with demo data

  • Help - Provides a shortcut to access links to the support content

For more information, see GoodData for Freshdesk Glossary.


Dashboards are visualizations that can display insights created using Analytical Designer and individual key performance indicators (KPIs).

You can think of dashboards as a dynamic presentation layer for your data analytics. Dashboards allow a wide array of adjustments such as filtering and drilling. You can add any number of KPI dashboards to your workspace.

With dashboards, you can, for example:

  • Track KPI changes over time and compares them to previous periods.

  • Set alerts and get notified when KPIs reach a threshold.

  • Link KPIs to other dashboards.

  • Have important insights next to relevant KPIs to have a better overview of your business processes.

To learn more, see Working with Dashboards.
For a comprehensive overview of individual dashboards, see Dashboard Dictionary. 


The Analyze section is your data workshop. It is here where you use Analytical Designer to analyze your data, slice and filter it, and decide whether to display the result as a pie chart, table, or column graph, etc. The result of your visual data analysis is called an insight. Insights are then displayed in the Dashboards section.

To learn more, see Working with Insights.

For a comprehensive overview of individual measures, see Measures Dictionary.


Because it may take a while before your data is loaded into the app, the Demo section is preloaded with mock-up data designed to build up your confidence using GoodData for Freshdesk.


Click Help to access shortcuts to GoodData for Freshdesk documentation, Community forum, and the official GoodData Support. The pop-up window also displays your account details.

Click here to know more about GoodData<>Freshdesk integration.