The native Freshservice-Freshdesk integration helps customer support teams on Freshdesk collaborate with internal teams on Freshservice and provide faster resolutions. This integration enables companies to streamline and accelerate the service management process and deliver outstanding support from a unified window.

Benefits of this integration:

This integration enables support teams to effortlessly collaborate with your internal teams on Freshservice on internally dependent tickets. With seamless collaboration and real-time ticket updates, your support agents can stay on top of any updates that come their way and respond to customer requests faster. 

With the Freshdesk-Freshservice integration, your teams will be able to:

  • Reduce the average resolution time of the helpdesk by enabling agents to quickly collaborate on customer issues that are dependent on internal teams 

  • Increase agent productivity & reduce the scope for error with automatic ticket creation & information sharing processes

  • Ensure accountability with the easy tracking of the progress of work done by internal teams 

  • Reduce multiple back and forths by getting the complete context of the customer issue from within Freshservice 

How does this integration help Freshdesk agents?

  • Access to create incidents or service requests from within the Freshdesk ticket 

  • Visibility beyond just status updates. Support agents will be able to view information like due dates, internal conversations, the priority assigned, etc. on incidents/service requests.

  • A clear indication of the Freshservice agent working on the ticket 

  • Automatic creation of Freshservice incidents with configurable rules in Freshdesk

How does this integration help internal teams on Freshservice?

  • Agents on Freshservice can view customer replies, status updates, and default properties of the Freshdesk ticket  
  • Workflow automations can run on Freshservice tickets created from Freshdesk, reducing manual work for internal team supervisors, thereby saving time
  • Freshservice admins can set up custom SLAs & reports in Freshservice with a specific source for tickets coming in Freshdesk to analyze metrics and improve performance.

Who can access this integration? 

Agents and admins with access to the relevant tickets on either Freshdesk or Freshservice can access this integration accordingly. But only the Freshdesk and Freshservice Admins will be able to initiate and set up the integration. 

How to create an incident on Freshservice?

  • Click on the + icon next to Threads. Note: The Threads button will only appear after the integration is enabled.
  • Select ‘create an incident on Freshservice’ 
  • The form will be pre-populated from the Freshdesk ticket details. You can choose to edit the fields if required. 
  • You can add attachments to the Freshservice incident if required.
  • You can also use placeholders for details like customer name, contact, etc.,
  • Click ‘Create’

How to create a service request on Freshservice from a Freshdesk ticket?

  • Click on the + icon next to Threads.
  • Select ‘create a service request on Freshservice’ 
  • Select service item from a catalog of all publicly displayed items configured by the Freshservice team 
  • Fill the unique service request fields 
  • Click Save

How to access an existing Freshservice conversation & add a new response?

  • Click on the Threads icon on the ticket
  • Select the Freshservice thread on the threads pane. This opens the details of the Freshservice ticket.
  • To view all properties of the Freshservice ticket, click on ‘Show more properties’
  • You can view all the conversations shared between your team and the Freshservice team, starting from the description of the issue
  • To add a new response to the internal team, enter the message on the reply editor and click on Send. 
  • If you wish to look at the customer ticket properties while responding, click on the - icon on the threads pane and minimize it.

What can the Freshdesk agents view? (customizable)

Freshservice Admins can choose between the following: 

  • All conversations on the Freshservice ticket (replies, public notes, private notes). 

  • Only public conversations on the Freshservice ticket (replies, public notes).

What can the Freshservice agents view? (customizable)

Freshdesk Admins can choose between the following: 

  • All conversations on the Freshdesk ticket (replies, public notes, private notes)

  • Only public conversations on the Freshdesk ticket (replies, public notes)

  • None (only ticket properties)

Internal operations flow for Freshservice agents:

  • Freshservice agents can view Freshdesk ticket properties (default, public) & customer interactions on the Freshdesk ticket. 
  • They will also get real-time notifications when a new response or a status update is made on the ticket (via ticket fields sync)