We've updated our APIs to bring in messages from your Facebook pages in real-time. This means that messages will now appear in your helpdesk instantly, and you can respond to them even faster, just as you would in Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook pages added after September 8th, 2016 will have this feature enabled automatically. For pages added prior to this date, please follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your helpdesk using your default support domain. For e.g., use gourmetchocolates.freshdesk.com, not support.gourmetchocolates.com (You will not be able to authorize Facebook if you have logged into your helpdesk from your vanity URL). 

  • Click on the Admin tab.
  • Under the Channels section, click on Facebook
  • Click on the New Page button at the top right corner to reauthorize your existing Facebook Pages. 

(NOTE: Please do not delete and then add your Facebook Pages again, as this will disable the option to reply to existing posts in your helpdesk from these Pages.)

  • Log in to your Facebook account to authorize Freshdesk. 
  • You will then be redirected to Freshdesk and you can see the list of all the pages that are associated with your Facebook account.
  • Choose the pages you want to integrate into Freshdesk and click on Associate once you're done.

Facebook real-time messaging will now be enabled for all the pages that you've reauthorized. Once enabled, the first message from every user on any of your Pages will be converted into a new ticket. All subsequent replies will get threaded automatically, based on your threading interval.
Note: For users who currently have real-time messaging enabled in their accounts, replies sent from Freshdesk need to be less than 320 characters. This is a limitation with the Facebook API. If you would like to send out longer replies to your customers through direct messages, we recommend you split it across multiple replies instead.