Every outbound email your agents send from Freshdesk is immediately converted into a ticket. From this point, the email is treated as a one-on-one conversation between the agent and the recipient of the email. Though it becomes a ticket immediately, it will not have the characteristics of a normal ticket. However, when the recipient replies to the email (and thereby the ticket), it will be treated as a normal ticket. 

We've put together a detailed list of all the differences between an outbound ticket and a normal ticket to help you understand this better.

Ticket statuses and SLA

Outbound tickets are created by default with a Closed status. You can choose a different status like Open or Waiting on customer depending on your use-case.

When you compose a new email (using + New > Email) and manually change the status to Open (or any status with SLA timer ON), the Due by time and the First Response time are set immediately. If the customer doesn't reply on time, you might inadvertently violate the SLA while you are waiting. So, we recommend creating outbound emails assigned to a status which has the SLA timer OFF (like Closed or Resolved). 

When a customer replies to the outbound email, the status of the ticket is changed to Open using a default Ticket update rule ('Automatically reopen tickets when the customer responds'). 

To disable this rule or modify it, 

  • Go to Admin > Workflows > Automations >Ticket Updates.
  • Click on the rule Automatically reopen tickets when the customer responds.
  • Under the on tickets with these properties section, add a new condition that says 'In tickets if Source is Outbound email'.


Email notifications

  • The New Ticket Created notification will not be sent to the email recipients - To and CC email addresses.
  • The User Activation Email is not sent to the recipient.
  • Even when the ticket is created with the Closed status, the recipient will not receive the Agent Closes the Ticket notification.


Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Satisfaction surveys will not be sent along with an outbound email, no matter what the survey setting is. For instance, even if you've chosen to send the survey with 'All replies sent to customer' under Admin > Customer Satisfaction, the survey will not be sent with the outbound email.


  • Outbound tickets will not be considered in the calculation of First contact resolution (FCR%) and First Response SLA because the agent is initiating the conversation and not responding.


  • The Dispatch'r automation will not be executed on an outbound ticket. 
  • In Supervisor, outbound tickets without any replies from the customer will not be considered for the conditions 'Hours since agent responded' and 'Hours since customer responded'.

This table will give you a quick overview of the differences:

Normal ticket
Outbound email ticket
By default, ticket status will be Open
By default, ticket status will be Closed. This will not send out the 'Agent closes the ticket' notification.
SLA timers will start ticking immediately
SLA timers will start after the ticket is reopened upon customer's response
New ticket created notification will be sent
New ticket created notification will not be sent
Satisfaction surveys will be sent out based on the setting
The survey will not be sent along with the outbound email
FCR% will be calculated
FCR% will not be taken into consideration as the conversation is being initiated by the agent
First response SLA will be calculated based on when the agent sent out the first response on the ticket
The first response SLA will be the response that the agent sends after the customer responds to the initial email
Dispatch'r rules will be executed upon creation of tickets
Dispatch'r rules will not be executed for an outbound email ticket
Supervisor rules will be executed
Without replies from the customer, the conditions 'Hours since agent/customer responded' in the Supervisor rule will not be considered