With the Freshdesk help widget, you can embed solution articles and a contact form within your website or product. When your customers need help, they can open the widget to search through solution articles or to submit a ticket. You can watch this video to learn how to set up the help widget or read more about setting up the help widget here.

You can show a contact form and embed solution articles on your WordPress site. To do so, you first need to install the Freshdesk WordPress plugin. You can install the plugin from the plugins directory if your website runs on self-hosted WordPress. If you use WordPress.com, you need to be on the Business plan or above to install this plugin. 

1. Setting up the widget in your Freshdesk account

  • Login to your Freshdesk account and go to Admin > Support Channels > Widgets. If you can't see widgets under support channels, please email support@freshdesk.com
  • You can set up channels (a ticket form or solution articles or both) that need to appear on the widget, and customize its appearance. To learn more about these options, you can read these solution articles.
  • Once you've set up the widget, you can go to the Embed code tab and copy the code. Here's a sample embed code:

2. Installing the Freshdesk plugin on your WordPress account

  • Log into your WordPress account and go to Plugins (1) on your toolbar. 
  • On the plugins page, click the Add New (2) button.

  • Search (3) for the Freshdesk official plugin
  • Click the Install now (4) button on the Freshdesk (official) plugin.
  • If you see an error while trying to install the plugin, please check if you have given write access to WordPress.

  • Once you've installed the plugins, click Installed pluginsClick Activate next to the Freshdesk (official). 

  • After you've activated the plugin, the Freshdesk icon will be visible on the toolbar.

  • When you click the Freshdesk plugin icon, it will show you the following options:

  • Basic settings:
    • to set up the help widget on your WordPress website.
    • Convert WordPress comments to Freshdesk tickets. Learn more here.
  • SSO integration. Learn more here.

  • When you check Show help widget on this WordPress site, you'll see a box where you can paste the widget embed code.

  • The widget code can be copied from the embed code tab when you're setting up the widget in Admin > Widgets.

  • After you've pasted the widget embed code, you can click Save changes in WordPress, and the widget will appear on all the pages on your WordPress site. When your customers visit your website, they will now be able to see the Freshdesk help widget.
  • Apart from this, you can use the plugin to enable your users to seamlessly and securely log in to Freshdesk and convert WordPress comments into Freshdesk tickets.