Did you know that you can resolve your tickets faster and more efficiently using your solution articles, and a bit of help with Freddy? Freddy can offer the right solution articles to your agents with the Solution Suggestor and to your customers with the Email Bot. Here's how you can make the most of your solutions and resolve your tickets faster with a bit of help from Freddy.

Freddy Starter features are available for free with the Forest plan. All features mentioned in this solution article included with Freddy Starter 

Freddy Solution Suggestor

Solution articles are the most common way to explain your product or services to your customers. When your customers face a hurdle, they will refer to your solutions to find a way around their problems. Having a knowledge base that is populated with the right solution articles is useful to your agents and your customers. A good knowledge base has a lot of information relevant to common customer questions, thus providing enough documentation for your agents to either refer or directly share when your customer has a problem.

Sometimes customers may reach out for help without going through the solutions, or maybe they haven't found the right solutions yet. In such cases, your agents can search for the right solutions and share it with them. But this causes an increase in the ticket handling time, that we can reduce with Freddy AI.


Agents can be shown solution article recommendations that are powered by AI that learns from the ticket text and other metadata (such as ticket field values). Backed up by machine learning, agents no longer have to manually hunt for the right solution article to respond with. Not only does Freddy AI make the ticket resolution process faster by doing the heavy lifting for the agents, but this also helps new agents get up to speed with common support responses faster. 

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Freddy Email Bot

Customers will write emails to you with questions about the product or services that you have to offer. Depending on the situation, maybe during an outage or a sale, a lot of these questions will be repetitive. Your agents will get tired of answering the same questions again and again, particularly when these questions are already answered in your knowledge base.

By automating this process with the Freddy Email Bot, you can save a lot of time for your customers and your agents.

Your customers will no longer need to wait for a resolution, saving them hours of frustration, while you've saved the time that your agents would have spent in repeatedly responding with the same set of solutions to a series of tickets.

The Email Bot is a Freddy AI feature that enables self-service for your customers via emails. Once enabled, the Email Bot automatically responds to repetitive, low-touch email queries with the most relevant solution articles that can resolve the customer’s issue. With the Freddy Email bot, your customers get instant responses for their questions right within their inbox, while your agents can just focus on the questions that need a human touch to resolve.

With email bot, customers get instant responses for their questions, right within their inbox, while agents can focus on the deeper, harder questions that need a human touch to resolve.

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