Note: Knowledge base analytics is now available in beta. This consists of curated reports with predefined metrics and custom reports which enable you to generate your own reports to track the performance of your knowledge base

As an agent, you will need analytics to help you make decisions on the effectiveness of your content. Here are some features that can help you do this:

Article View Count - This is where you can see the number of views received for each article in every folder. This metric can help you get an idea of which topics are popular with your audience.


Reader Votes - Readers of your articles see a question at the bottom of the article that asks them if they found the answer in your article helpful or not. Here is what that looks like:

When readers vote with a Yes or a No, you receive likes or dislikes. A 'Yes' would be equal to a like vote and a 'No' would be equal to a dislike vote as you see 


These analytics are available to view at an individual article level as well. You can navigate to this section by clicking on an article > see Analytics on the bottom right pane (see image below).

Note: You can also find a new metric called Suggested under the Analytics section. This shows how many times an article has been suggested to customers when agents reply to their tickets.

Clicking on the likes or dislikes will give a list of those who liked or disliked the article. This will help you get a better idea of how effective your content is or if anything needs to be changed. Non-logged in users will show up as Anonymous on the list. You can also reset the likes and dislikes by clicking on the Reset button. This Reset option will not erase the number of views received for the article.


Note: The article analytics displayed is based on the product and language that you choose.

You can also integrate with Google Analytics to get more information on site traffic, what your customers are looking for on your support portal and more.