The article list views allow you to access a specific list of articles (eg: articles in draft or published articles) with just a single click. These views can be further customised to track and manage your content more effectively

A quick guide to setting up article list views:

Filtering the article list view:

  • Go to the Solutions tab from the navigation panel on the left

  • Click on the Hamburger menu on the top left corner

  • This will open the Quick views which display the article list views such as All Articles, All drafts, My drafts and Published articles.

  • To filter these articles further, you can use the filter window on the right. You can use the following fields to filter the articles that you want to work on:

    • Author

    • Article status

    • Category

    • Folder

    • Tags

    • Created at

    • Last modified at

  • Once you have entered the required values for the filter, click Apply.

Note: This is available from the Estate plan onwards. You also cannot save these filters and store them as views at present.

Customizing the article list view

Apart from the default set of columns that are displayed in the article list view, you will also be able to add or remove columns based on your preference.

  • Click on the Gear icon on the right side of the column header

  • In the popup window that appears, drag and drop the required columns from left to right to add them to the article list view

  • You can also re-order the list of columns on the right side of the popup window as required

  • Once the required changes are done, click on Update

  • If you would like to undo all the changes you have made, you can just click on the Reset button

Performing bulk actions

After using filters to get the list of articles you would like to work on, you can perform the following bulk actions:

  • Change author: In case any agent leaves the company, it makes sense to change the author of all the articles that he/she has published, since the author of the article is added as a watcher when a customer provides feedback

  • Add tags: Add relevant tags to articles so that it becomes easier for the customers to search and access the relevant articles. 

Quick guide to perform bulk actions

Bulk actions enable you to update multiple articles simultaneously. This can be done using the following steps:

  • Navigate to the required article view from the hamburger menu and apply filters if necessary.

  • To check or uncheck the articles individually, select the checkbox next to the articles once you have selected the required list of articles, you can perform either the Change author or Add tags bulk action.

  • An agent with publishing access can publish articles in bulk. The relevant agents will be able to see the Publish button after selecting the articles to be published.
  • You can also bulk approve and send multiple articles for review while making use of the approval workflow

Note: Bulk actions can be performed from the Garden plan and the approval workflow is available only on the Forest plan

Quick guide to export solution articles

  • To export your solution articles, go to the relevant article list view from the Quick views
  • Select all the articles you are looking to export and click on the Export button. This will open a window where you can select all the columns to be displayed in the exported file. 

  • Click on Export once you have selected the required columns. You will receive an email with the .CSV file that you can download. 

  • You can also filter articles in the Article list view and export only those articles. 
  • Please note that only agents who have been given export access (available under the Solutions section while editing or creating a role within Admin > Team > Roles) can export articles.